Let’s Save GME Cuenca —Obra | Acción GME 2.4

Obra compuesta con los archivos enviados por colectivos y compositores reivindicando la necesidad de Salvar el Gabinete de Música Electroacústica de Cuenca, tras años  abandono y abocamiento al ostracismo institucional.

Título obra: Oliendo el sonido (Matriosca)

Surge como consecuencia de la propuesta realizada por la Asociación de Música Electroacústica de España AMEE  al Compositor Julio Sanz Vázquez para representar a dicha asociación ante la APEM-CIME-Lisboa 2015

There are germs of organized beings spread everywhere, waiting for the right moment to grow up.

This project is part of this belief, that sound can surge in any place of the world, and this space, we created, pretends to provide ideal conditions for its development.

It is intended that the works composed with these strategies will enable us to expand and explore new compositional and performative horizons.

The compositor can participate in Audio mixing by sending us a sound (as sound seed) and we will come together with everyone to make a ‘cadavre exquis’ sound that you can use anywhere and anytime.

En esta “Panspermia Sonora”, mezclada y  realizada por Julio Sanz Vázquez, a propuesta del presidente de la Asociación Electroacústica de España AMEE, Juan Luis Ferrer Molina, han colaborado miembros de la AMEE, ACuOSO, OSOMEX, Eugenia Díaz y Joaku de Sotavento Huerto del Sonido ,Angel Albaladejo, Susana Chiocca, Mercedes Mestas, Ana, Equipo Elevador, Victor Aguado, Victor Vallés, Ricardo Armas, Diana Pérez Custodio, Adolfo Núñez, Pedro Guajardo, Enrique Mateu, Carlos D. Perales, Merce Capdevila, Roberto Pineda Tenor, José Andrés Prieto Franco, Pablo Vega, Julio Sanz, Pedro Linde Navas, Miguel A. García, Pablo Martínez Garrido, Ricardo Climent, Apolo Valdés, Joaquín Díaz, Sergio Bascuñana, Jorge Sad Levi, SophiMacuac, J. Antonio Lleó, Miguel Molina, Marion Velasco, El Padre Castillejo y Sylvia Molina con el soporte de la Plataforma Poliedro Sinestésico de Fabián Luna y la web AcciónGME v2.4 con la colaboración de Daniel del Saz y Javier Osona.

Title: Let’s save the Cuenca Electroacoustic Archive
Year: 2015
Composer(s): Julio Sanz Vázquez + Sylvia Molina + AMEE members + GME + ACuOSO
eMail: juliosanzvaz@hotmail.com
Time: 7’24”


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Short composer biography:

Julio Sanz Vázquez. Cuenca, España.

Musician, Composer and Multidisciplinary Artist

He has awarded by the International Tribune of UNESCO Music.

For 26 years he has been president of the AVADI (Audio Video Digital Art and Interactive Design for its acronym in Spanish) which is a cultural association to promote digital art and interactivity.

He has combined these activities with his work as professor/coordinator of the Gabinete de Música Electroacustica (Electrocustic Cabinet of Music) until 2007. Also he is involved in the Conservatorio Profesional de Música of Cuenca (Professional Conservatory of Music) on the design, formation and maintenance of GME., dedicated to put within the reach of all the composers and creators the possibilities of the new technologies.

In their work in electroacustic music He has been president of CITA (Applied Technology Initiative Center for its acronym in Spanish) from 1991 to 2000; Coordinator of the electrocustic Music Sample from 1989 until 2006 at the Conservatorio de Música de Cuenca (Conservatory of Music of Cuenca); Coordinator of the Seminarios Internacionales sobre Música y ordenadores (International Seminaries on Music and Computers) from 1990 until 1995 in the Universidad Internacional Mendez Pela (Mendez Pelayo International University).

Sylvia Molina. Madrid, España.

PhD Cum Laude in Fine Arts at the University Complutense of Madrid. Currently, I teach art and New Media and Final Projects in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Castilla La Mancha in Cuenca –Spain-. It is since the early 90s that I research and I develop projects focused on the interaction field, creating artistics and music/sound projects research project based on which I have developed numerous projects both on-line and off-line, individual and collaboratives (Brandenburg 3, Fuge / Lemoine, Ovum, Inexterno, El Rastro, Bach-Piranessi …), national research projects or internationally renowned (in someone else’s shoes, Yumgaga, The Banquet, …). I have written numerous articles and given numerous national and international conferences and lectures on the subject.

AMEE The Spanish Asociation for Electroacoustic Music was created in 1987.

ACuOSO Computer Symphony Orchestra (OSO) is a musical ensemble with musicians/artists leaded by the Cuenca Friends Society of the Computer Symphony Orchestra (ACuOSO) and it is legally bound by its statutes.The ACuOSO interactive participation. Born at Cuenca City, the Computer Symphony Orchestra, is to allow computers and digital devices a space for music and performance interventions.

GME Gabinete de Música Electroacústica de Cuenca opened in1983.

The Cabinet of Electroacoustic Music of Cuenca was the first public Spanish center dedicated to the creation, research, teaching and dissemination of electroacoustic music. It was opened in 1983, linked to the Conservatory of Music of Cuenca. Because of bureaucratic problems it closed in 1996, leaving all its equipment and all the works produced in it stored in boxes. Today all that material is still in boxes and is awaiting for cataloging and evaluating of their status. Fortunately, there is already a project to catalog, restore and publicize all these works, thanks to different institutions, and counting with the participation of the composers. Along with the recovery of the works we want to retrieve the laboratory as a unique historic instrument. We must value the repertory and the research done from 1983 to 2006 and reopen the Cabinet of Electroacoustic Music of Cuenca for the present and future times.

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